Purgatory is biblical: 
2 Maccabees 12:45-46: "And because he considered that they who had fallen asleep with godliness, had great grace laid up for them. It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins."
With godliness: Judas Machabees hoped that these men who died fighting for the cause of God and religion, might find mercy: either because they might be excused from mortal sin by ignorance; or might have repented of their sin, at least at their death.
It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead: Here is an evident and undeniable proof of the practice of praying for the dead under the old law, which was then strictly observed by the Jews, and consequently could not be introduced at that time by Judas, their chief and high priest, if it had not been always their custom.

   More on the biblicality of Purgatory: Is Purgatory Biblical? 

A revelation from a soul in Purgatory, year 1873.

I can tell you about the different degrees of Purgatory because I have passed through them. In the great Purgatory there are several stages. In the lowest and most painful, like a temporary hell, are the sinners who have committed terrible crimes during life and whose death surprised them in that state.

It was almost a miracle that they were saved, and often by the prayers of holy parents or other pious persons. Sometimes they did not even have time to confess their sins and the world thought them lost, but God, whose mercy is infinite, gave them at the moment of death the contrition necessary for their salvation on account of one or more good actions which they performed during life.

For such souls, Purgatory is terrible. It is like a real hell with a difference, that in hell they curse God, whereas we bless Him and thank Him for having saved us. Next to these come the souls, who though they do not commit great crimes like the others, were indifferent to God. They did not fulfill their Easter duties and were also converted at the point of death. Perhaps they were unable to receive Holy Communion. They are in Purgatory for the long years of indifference. They suffer unheard of pains and are abandoned either without prayers or if they are said for them, they are not allowed to profit by them. There are in this stage of Purgatory religious of both sexes, who were tepid, neglectful of their duties, indifferent towards Jesus. Also priests who did not exercise their sacred ministry with the reverence due to the Sovereign Majesty and who did not still the love of God sufficiently into the souls confided to their care. I was in this stage of Purgatory.
In the second Purgatory are the souls of those who died with venial sins not fully expiated before death, or with mortal sins that have been forgiven but for which they have not made entire satisfaction to the Divine Justice. In this part of Purgatory, there are also different degrees according to the merits of each soul. Thus the Purgatory of the consecrated souls or of those who have received more abundant graces, is longer and far more painful than that of ordinary people of the world.

In the second Purgatory, which is still Purgatory but very different from the first, one suffers a great deal, but less than in the great place of expiation.

Then there is the third stage, which is the Purgatory of desire, where there is no fire. The souls who did not desire Heaven ardently enough, who did not love God sufficiently, are there.

Lastly is the Purgatory of desire which is called the threshold. Very few escape that escape this! To avoid it altogether, one must ardently desire Heaven and the vision of God. That is rare, rarer than people think, because even pious people are afraid of God and have not, therefore, a sufficiently strong desire of going to Heaven. This Purgatory has its very painful martyrdom like the others. The deprivation of the sight of our loving Jesus adds to the intense suffering.

Where is Purgatory situated? It is in the center of the earth, close to Hell. The large numbers of souls there are confined to a limited space. There are thousands and thousands of souls there. But then what space does a soul occupy? Each day thousands of souls come to Purgatory and most of them remain thirty to forty years, some for longer periods, others for shorter. I tell you this in terms of earthly calculations because here it is quite different.

Oh, if only people knew and understood what Purgatory is and what it means to know that we are here through our own fault. I have been here for eight years and it seems to me like ten thousand. Oh my God! Tell all this to the Father, so that he may learn from me what this place of suffering is like and may make it better known in the future. He will be able to find out for himself how profitable it is to have a great devotion to the holy souls in Purgatory.

God often accords more graces through the intercession of these suffering souls than through prayers of the saints. 

The justice of God keeps us in Purgatory, and we deserve it, but His mercy and His Fatherly Heart does not leave us here bereft of consolation. We ardently desire complete union with Jesus, but He desires it almost as much as we do!

On earth, He sometimes communicate Himself to certain souls in a most intimate manner (to few, because, so few will listen to Him) and He delights in revealing His secrets to them. The souls that receive these favors are those that seek to please Him in all their conducts and who live and breathe only for Jesus and try to please Him. 

The judgments of God are very different from those of the world. He takes into account the temperament and character of each and what is done by carelessness or pure malice. To Him who knows the most secret recesses of the heart, it is not difficult to see what goes on there.

Jesus is very good, but He is also most just. God never allows a soul that has been devoted to Him during life perish at the last moment. Those souls who have loved the Blessed Virgin and invoked her all their lives will receive from here many graces in their last struggles. 

Very few souls get any prayers, the majority are totally abandoned and no thought or prayers are given to them on earth.

I have told you there are some souls who do their Purgatory at the foot of the altar. They are not there for faults they have committed in the church, because those faults which attack Jesus directly, Jesus present in the Tabernacle, are punished with terrible severity in Purgatory. The souls that are there in adoration are there as a reward for their reverent behavior in the Sacred Presence. They suffer less than if they were in Purgatory itself, and Jesus, whom they contemplate with the eyes of their soul and of faith, softens their pains by His invisible Presence.

Please pray for all souls in Purgatory, especially the most abandoned ones who have no one to pray for them! Let us all pray to empty Purgatory because they cannot pray for themselves, they will be freed through our prayers and intercessions: 

  ST. GERTRUDE'S PRAYER for the HOLY SOULS (as revealed to her by Our Lord): 

 "Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus Christ, in union with all the Masses being said throughout the world today for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, those in my own home, and within my family. Amen"

Help 10,000 Souls In Purgatory Everytime This Prayer Is Said 10 times a day.


One of my dearest personal devotions concerns the "Poor Souls", the souls who died in God's grace but await their entrance into Heaven because of the spiritual effects of sin they have yet to atone for. The Poor Souls languish and are purified in the Fire of Divine Love in a state known as "Purgatory". As these souls can no longer help themselves through penance, prayer, and good works the Church encourages us to spiritually assist them by offering prayers and sacrifices on their behalf to lessen their time of purification.
It is said that the Poor Souls are very aware of their spiritual benefactors and gratefully intercede for those who assist with their release from Purgatory. They can also be powerful advocates at the hour of death, as there have been many reports of how the Poor Souls who have already reached Heaven, have appeared to their benefactors in the final moments of life both to comfort them in death then escort them into Paradise.

May God repay you and bless you!
"My Morning Prayers - December 29, 2013
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While I was praying awhile ago a divine inspiration touched my mind and heart and gave me thoughts which I wrote just right below "Why others are against the Doctrine of Purgatory". I pray that you will have the same open heart and mind when you read below so that you may grasp God's messages. I know that Satan's advocates will read only to refute and declare this inspiration is of the devil but how can Satan cast Satan?  Satan tried several times to stop me by crashing my writings below several times that I have to re-write them several times but finally I made it. 
God Bless! 
Silent Crusader  

The Unleashing of the Pandora's Box (click here) "Sola Scriptura" according to Orthodox Church convert from Protestantism. Orthodox Church of the East are almost identical in beliefs with the Catholic Church.

Why others are against the Doctrine of Purgatory?
It is a known fact that Satan does the opposite and contradicts everything that God does for mankind. As part of God's Plan of Salvation He provided a way for those who keeps sinning to still be purified so he can reach heaven by way of Purgatory where purging is done to purify man's soul who had been forgiven by God yet had to pay for the wages of his sins. 

On the other hand Satan does the opposite by planting the seed of lies to oppose God's Plan of Salvation by hiding his lies in disguise inside the Holy Bible using translators to translate all these lies in several bible versions which are all inspired by him but not of the Holy Spirit. So when people reads his lies, they will be sub-planted in their minds as well and they will propagate these lies knowingly opposing God. 

These people are well entrenched in their own churches who likewise evangelize people to believe just as what the father of all lies wants them to believe and right now they are the ones who hates Catholism and they will do whatever it takes to destroy the Catholic Church and to overtake it in terms of  population. 

They apply all ways and means to convert Catholics into their fold. And Satan and his cohorts are working so hard to accomplish their sinister goals for Satan knows his time is running out and he had to punish as much souls in Purgatory, keep them there until the judgment day and inflict more sufferings on them as much he could knowing he can no longer bring them down to hell for eternal suffering and damnation. So Satan wants everyone to believe that there is not such thing as Purgatory so people will not pray for these souls thus they will suffer more and stay in Purgatory for as long as possible.

The devil proves he has influence in the formation of some church or churches with the ultimate purpose of destroying the Catholic Church that was founded over 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ which he declared cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything even by the devil himself (whether or not they are within or outside of the church).

 Protestant Preachers Tried
As the strange circumstances of Nicola’s possession became known everywhere, several Calvinist preachers came with their followers, to “expose this popish cheat,” as they said. On their entrance, the devil saluted them mockingly, called them by name, and told them that they had come in obedience to him.

One of the preachers took his Protestant prayer-book, and began to read it with a very solemn face. The devil laughed at him, and, putting on a most comical face, he said: “Ho! Ho! My good friend, do you intend to expel me with your prayers and hymns? Do you think that they will cause me any pain? Don't you know that they are mine? I helped to compose them!” 

"Time is running out" 
What are the lies that Satan had his 
translators removed and added in the 
Bible? Beware of Church Enemies (click this link) Satan's Advocates! Who made sure (click here) this would happen!
Satan advocates removed 7 true books and verses and added perverted and corrupted verses in their own translated versions. And Satan made sure people will believe in them not knowing who the real author behind these new translated perverted and corrupted bibles is. Satan is wile enough to corrupt his followers easily. 

Satan also made sure, his chosen cohorts will depend at all cost and promote all his lies with all means. Satan made sure that all these perverted translations be known to everyone by creating thousands of churches all over the world through ambitious and perverted founders to use these corrupted bible translations. Satan also made sure by building lies around these: 

The Holy Trinity, Jesus' Divinity, Purgatory, Blessed Mother, Saints, Graven Images, Blessed Sacrament, Baptism, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Vatican, Rome, Arian beliefs, praying for the dead and many more.  

Be the Master of Your Own Faith!
If you really want to know the TRUTH the only way to do it is to first empty your mind with what you know and what you have learn from your church. For God to come in into your heart you have to empty everything and let the Holy Spirit help and guide you. 

Next you have to immerse into your learning process and read a complete original 73 books Bible versions. It doesn't matter which one as long as you don't use the 66 books version as they are not complete. On 66 books translated bibles, 7 original books were removed for one purpose only to hide TRUTH and to pervert and corrupt the minds of the readers. Then compare verses to verses between the 73 and 66 books. Immerse yourself to serious studies and stay away from listening to others. What you will hear from them is not yours and you will know where are they coming from, whether they have learned the corrupted versions or not but you must do it yourself diligently. 

And pray each time you immerse yourself into careful study of the Holy Scripture. If you do this you will see the beautiful TRUTH about Jesus, about God, about His Plan of Salvation, how to live a life full of grace but promise yourself, if you need to listen to others, don't follow their belief but listen to good ones only and drop those that are not true. 

If they start to attack other churches or beliefs then be aware for the devil is in the midst. Be the master of your own faith. It is your own soul that you are fighting for and not theirs. They have their own lives and souls. They can speak of good things but don't do as they preach. 

Beautiful immersion in Christianity will lead to serious studies of 
the TRUTH. Seek and you will find. 
The Holy Spirit will be there with you all the way. 
God Bless! 
But let's empty Purgatory
Jesus said if we pray this prayer 
1,000 souls from purgatory are released:

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, 
Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, 
for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen."

John 20:23 "Whose sins you shall forgivethey are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.

Let us believe in this for nothing is impossible with God.
Pray this as often as you can and pass this forward.